The team at Million Smiles Dental believe that every child is unique and we aim to build healthy patient/dentist relationship for children at a young age. We aim to make kids dental visits as fun as possible. We believe in preventative dentistry and we understand your anxiety when it comes to your kids’ oral health. We believe in preventative dentistry for kids and as part of their first visit, the dentists at Million Smiles Dental do a comprehensive examination and provide oral hygiene instructions, including brushing and flossing and advise how to keep the teeth cavity free.

The dentists also provide education on nutritional facts, fluoride impacts and how fluoride helps better to fight against cavities. We also advise parents on fissure sealants for kids. Sealants are a protective coating put on the grooves of the teeth to help prevent cavities. The grooves on the top of the molars are harder to get clean, and sealants help prevent bacteria building up in the grooves causing decay and the need for a filling.

Early intervention and examination would also help kids to ensure the permanent teeth below the gum has enough space and erupt properly or if a space maintainer is required or not to prevent any crowding.

We are providing bulk billed dental services for eligible patients. The Commonwealth child dental benefits schedule, or CDBS, is a Government initiative providing $1000 of dental benefits to children aged 2 to 17 who meet the eligibility criteria. Children aged between 2-17 years that are eligible for Medicare and in receipt of certain government payments will be eligible. This $1000 will be valid every two calendar years and continue until the child is over 17 years of age. Please call Medicare to find your eligibility.


The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule allows for up to $1000* basic dental treatment over a two-year period for eligible 2– 17-year-olds


  • 2-17-year-olds are eligible if they receive Family Tax Benefit A or other relevant Australian Government payments
  • Treatment is bulk billed through Medicare
  • Eligible children pay $0 – no out of pocket costs
  • No wait list – your child will have the next available appointment


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